A precise house plan for efficient construction

A precise house plan for efficient construction

What are the benefits of a 3D plan of his home ?

There are several advantages and objectives in achieving a 3D plan for his future home.

Realize the volumes

For a future owner, a 3D plan makes it possible to become more concretely aware of the volumes of the house. The plans of “traditional” architect, in 2D and on paper, are certainly very precise but they can sometimes be complicated for an individual, who will find it difficult to imagine construction in space.

The 3D plan therefore represents a real asset for better projecting itself into its real estate project. When viewing the house in three dimensions, it is easier to realize the height under the ceiling, the size of the doors and windows or the space that the furniture will take in each room.

Understand the location of the house

The 3D plan also makes it possible to visualize the construction in its environment. This is particularly true for homes with land, as the opportunity to see the house in the midst of what surrounds it.

This can be an asset for sloping land that requires earthworks. It is easier to visualize and understand the place that construction will occupy on the ground. Again, this is a way to make the project more concrete and to reassure yourself.

Visualize the finishes

Beyond simple volumes, 3D technology allows you to push the cursor further and visualize the different finishes or textures that will dress the interior of the future house. This may include the rendering of the floor in the living room or certain details in the kitchen or bathroom. Color, matter, furnishings: it is very simple for the designer to show the different possible atmospheres for the interior of the house. As for the future owner, he can modify what he wants by having the final rendering in front of him. A good way to avoid misunderstandings or disappointments later, and to follow your desires.

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Who can make a 3D plan ?

There are several options for carrying out a 3D plan for his future home.

The constructor

In the vast majority of cases, the manufacturer must carry out the 3D plans for the future house. The reason is simple: this professional remains the person best placed to make this presentation in three dimensions since he knows perfectly the technical constraints of the project and the needs and desires of the buyer.

The manufacturer can carry out the 3D plan from a preexisting model as well as design a custom model. Another advantage: it is a privileged interlocutor for the buyer since it is in constant contact with the other professionals who will build the house.

The plans he designs therefore make it possible to visualize the overall project and to validate the location of the house and the rooms, or even the choice of the different materials.

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The architect

If he has the necessary knowledge and tools, turning to the architect to design the 3D plan can also be a good solution. He knows the house by heart and will therefore be able to make it in 3D, or even make modifications if necessary. On the other hand, it is likely that the rendering is not detailed, particularly in terms of textures and the external environment. It will be more focused on construction itself and its volumes.

Simulate your 3D plan yourself

And if you realize the 3D plan of your future home yourself ? Rest assured, there is no need for specific skills to do so. With the Villas Club house configurator, you can simulate and create the plan for your future home free of charge according to your desires and in detail: house plan, area and arrangement of rooms, choice of materials and colors, etc. You can even arrange an outdoor space to better visualize construction in its environment. All you have to do is let your imagination and your desires speak !

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