Architects: 7 apps that will save you time in 2021?

Architects: 7 apps that will save you time in 2021?

In 2021, we focused on his profession to become more efficient and devote more time to project design ! We have concocted a anthology of apps and software to allow you, as an architect, to save time on all these strenuous and time-consuming daily tasks.

The happiness of receiving less email


How many emails do you receive per day ? From your customers (happy or dissatisfied), work companies (late or on time) without counting the various newsletters announcing you this or that competition, or the selection of the most beautiful projects in German Switzerland in raw concrete.

Why inflict on yourself to correspond with your collaborators by email when most subjects can be debated in an exchange of 3 sentences via a written conversation ?

SLACK is an email with desktop and mobile application that allows you to speak to each employee in private message or via discussion “channel”, by projects, by phases … If few architects use this software, 99% of startups have adopted it and it’s not for nothing.

Gather all your notes in one place

Take your notes on Simplenote?

Please note, this app is not intended for Moleskine unconditional workers. If the notebook remains irreplaceable for minute sketches, rather than taking notes on your phone or computer during construction and other call meetings, we suggest Simplenote which allows you to collect all your notes taken on all your devices in the same place. No shaping, it’s simple note taking. Thanks to a search engine and tags, you will be able to quickly find the last lamp reference you had spotted and not forget anything.

Write solid written documents (CCTP, DPGF) in a flash


AGLO is the most growing app among French architects and design offices this year. And for good reason, AGLO’s promise is to save the project manager considerable time on administrative and time-consuming tasks: Writing CCTP / DPGF, Consultation of companies, Analysis of figures
And as is serious, AGLO joined forces with the CSTB to provide a simple but above all ultra rigorous and reliable app.

Never bother with your passwords again

The doggy of the internet age: password management. Not a week goes by without you creating an account and its associated password. Several solutions are available to you: either you decline the dates of birth of your entire family, either you use CorbuIsmyGod + 45 special characters everywhere, either you write your all passwords on the Moleskine that you forget at each site meeting, without forgetting the classic “forgotten password” at each connection.

We offer you a better solution – simple and reliable. Download the Lastpass extension which generates “strong” passwords and allows you to manage them in your “safe”. You can share some with your collaborators. What to have a light mind when it comes to finding your identifiers of the MAF or the Order of Architects.

Dust your bank account

Have you ever heard of NeoBanks ? These newly created banks to make banking experience a little nicer ? In the lot there is a Frenchwoman who is a hit: Qonto. “The ideal pro account for
freelances, startups and SMEs ”
. Among other celebrations, you benefit from easier management of expense reports and a very clear banking interface. Convinced ? So write to us to benefit from 3 free months on the Qonto subscription at 9 € / month.

Take control of the organization of your agency

Start using OOTI?

Project, resource, billing and finance management or even business management, how to manage everything ? OOTI multifunction software supports you in all your daily, administrative and organizational tasks. Simple to use, this tool will allow you to regain control of your organization.

Your client databases, material references … reinvented

Airtable is THE sexy startup from Silicon Valley. Indeed, it makes data management on a spreadsheet completely obsolete and has already seduced giants like Tesla or Netflix. On Airtable you can manage sometimes complex databases with disconcerting ease. Design a contact base, follow the project schedule, manage your references produced with display filters, photos … The tool is customizable and adapts to all activities.

Find new customers

The nerve of war for an agency is still to access the order and preferably interesting projects. For this, several possibilities: public procurement and a good dose of perseverance or word of mouth. The owners can go to your agency thanks to your reputation or find your contact details on the internet. In any case, they will assess your work thanks to the quality of your portfolio. We offer BAM Archi. The portfolio offered by the app will allow you to present your projects without having to create a website.

BAM Archi qualifies hundreds of project requests every month and finely selects those that can best match the agencies, their architectural production and their desire at the time. Bonus, by creating an account on BAM Archi, you also create an account on AGLO, and vice versa.

AGLO is an intelligent assistant who manages business consultations 100% online:


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