How to add a room to a house?

How to add a room to a house?

Whether there is a newcomer in the family or you just want to change, it is possible to arrange one more room, without moving. Follow the guide to create this additional room.

You can put away your moving boxes ! Just because you need an extra room doesn’t mean you have to leave your home. With a few tips, a touch of imagination and some notions of DIY, it is possible to arrange an additional room without moving. Whether it is to welcome a new child or to receive your friends or family, you can very well divide a space in half to create a room or redouble your ingenuity to finally have this room that you lack. All without getting into endless – and expensive – work.

Create one more room thanks to a fixed partition

The first question to ask yourself is where are you going to set up your room in addition ? You can split a large room in half, requisition part of the living room or cut corners on your garage, provided you isolate the new room. It is possible quickly enough to install a new fixed partition to create a new chamber. With, for example, cellular concrete tiles or plaster tiles, rather light and easy to install, it won’t take long before your new room takes shape. And if you lack light, insert a few glass bricks that will let the sun’s rays pass, without suppressing any privacy, especially if you choose frosted glass.

The removable partition, the key to a new corner is night

And if your needs are only temporary or if you want a space to be modulated according to your desires, opt instead for a removable partition. It can also be sliding. Thus, one easily creates a baby mini-room in a parental room, while preserving the privacy, or one transforms a studio into two-room apartments, without reducing the space too much visually. On rail or on jack, removable partitions are both simple to install and economical. On the look side, they offer multiple possibilities, to satisfy all the decorative desires. Wooden, aluminum, glassware, with mirror… Removable partitions also allow you to renew the decoration of the part that you are going to divide.

And if we slept high ?

If partitions are a simple and practical solution, it is sometimes not possible to divide the living area of a dwelling. On the other hand, you can change your way of thinking and gain height. By creating a mezzanine or by simply buying a mezzanine bed, we create a new room without losing surface on the ground. This divides a room in its height to install a high-pitched room, accessible by a ladder – fixed or removable. This solution particularly appeals to adolescents, who will be able to install an office corner under the bed or even a cozy corner with a small sofa. It is also suitable for small studios, which will be able to say goodbye to convertible sofas to finally have a real room.

One more room… in the garden !

And if, inside your accommodation, none of these solutions to create an additional room is possible, perhaps you are lucky enough to have a garden ? In this case, why not opt for an outdoor room, installed in a garden studio or a cabin ? Original, this solution allows you to find privacy and comfort, without losing on the surface inside the accommodation.

Discover our 5 layout solutions for an additional room in pictures !

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