How to arrange a large room?

How to arrange a large room?

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Decorate a large living room: play on color shades

Moving a large living room requires delimiting spaces intended for a particular use. In this situation, using color to play and emphasize the difference in functionality is a solution. So if you want your living room to be highlighted, it is important to mark its presence. To do this, use dark shades such as mole or black gray. The Multi collection is ideal in this case. Its refined aspect by the use of wood associated with the masculinity of the doors to be chosen in anthracite will give all the desired character to your living room.

On the other hand, if the idea is to have a rather discreet library corner, clear tones, even pastels, are recommended. The advantage of these colors is to create a soothing atmosphere. Using light colors should not, however, remove the character from your spaces. One solution is to play on the mix of genres for example. A library area can be covered with a comfortable Northon chair and a beautiful shelf on which a lamp could rest.

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Staging the furniture to delimit the atmospheres of its interior

Used well, the furniture allows you to create cuts between a classic living room and a more contemporary dining room. Thanks to the numerous fully customizable H&H collections, it is easy to draw in style the layout of your living room.

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Stylize large open spaces

Large rooms where the kitchen, living room and dining room intertwine are generally bathed in light. In this configuration, niche furniture allows you to delimit each area in an aerial manner. The solid wood of smoked oak used for this collection brings a touch of rustic to an interior. This natural atmosphere is contrasted by the lines of furniture which bring modernity.

Decorating a large open living room can also be done by arranging its sofa so as to delimit its living room space. A yellow model can spice up a large room. To perfect the style and have a unified result, add small notes of yellow to the other living room furniture using decorative objects, such as candles or vases.

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Decorate a high ceiling space

Decorate a high ceiling space so as to have several atmospheres can be done by unhooking the ground. By installing a platform, for example, you create an area and easily modify the architecture of the room. Install a table proportional to the space provided.

On the kitchen side, you can break the horizontal level of furniture by installing a bar table accompanied by high chairs. The eye will then be able to rise more easily to discover the entire height under the ceiling of the room.

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