How to build a house without an architect?

How to build a house without an architect?

You want to build a contemporary house without resorting to architect ? This is quite possible with the contract for the construction of a private house (CCMI). With him, the guarantees offered by manufacturers are today superior to what is done elsewhere in the new. Explanations.

Construction and role of the architect: what does the law say ?

Since 2016 and the promulgation of the law relating to “Freedom of creation, architecture and heritage”, the use of a qualified architect is compulsory for the construction of an individual house of 150 m – and more.

This law lowered the previous threshold for recourse to architects, which thus went from 170 to 150 m². This development followed that of the concept of “net work-out surface” (calculated outside the walls) replaced by the more general notion of “floor surface”, so as not to penalize well-insulated constructions, with more thick.

If you wish to build a house over 150 m², recourse to an architect will therefore be compulsory. Its remuneration is variable, and is calculated in proportion to the cost of the work:

  • for a partial service (design, deposit of the permit and consultation companies), account for 5 to 10% of the total cost excluding tax of the works,
  • for a total service, until delivery, account for 10 to 15% of the cost of HT work

Good to know

In all cases, you can obtain free advice from an architect of the Architecture, Town Planning and Environment Council of your department (CAUE). Not to mention that your home builder can also guide you !

The choice to build without an architect: via a manufacturer

If you choose to do without an architect and solicit a private house builder, you will need to sign a “individual house construction contract” (CCMI).

As its name suggests, it concerns the construction of a house or building comprising no more than two dwellings, intended for the same contracting authority, on land which belongs to it.

The CCMI is strictly regulated, in order to protect the contracting authority, that is to say the client. This unique document ensures that your home builder manages the entire site, from design to delivery, through business consultation.

In two words, the manufacturer undertakes to bring you tranquility and serenity, by piloting for you the construction of your accommodation.

House without architect and possibility of personalization ?

If the manufacturers’ tendency has long been towards the standardization of houses, this is no longer the case. Manufacturers of individual houses today have partnerships with architects for the design of habitats: which allows their customers to fully personalize their future home.

This results in a tailor-made plan and high-end services available when choosing the finishes.

The contributions of a contract for the construction of a single house

To benefit from the individual house construction contract regime, first make sure that your land is not exposed to geotechnical or flood risks.

Your construction project must also comply with the town planning regulations of the town of establishment, otherwise your building permit will be refused.

Finally, this contract offers you the possibility of retracting, and it is the only one in construction to guarantee delivery times. It is therefore one of the most protective contracts in terms of construction.

In detail, the CCMI must mention:

  • the necessary works relating to public networks (water, electricity, etc.)
  • the overall cost of construction – including the price agreed with the manufacturer, the reimbursement guarantee, and if applicable, the cost of the reserved works,
  • the date of the site, and the penalties provided in the event of delay,
  • the justification for the delivery guarantee, and the manufacturer’s insurance policy, which will compensate you in the event of poor execution of the works,
  • the staggering of payments according to the progress of the works.

Note: the contracting authority must for its part insure itself with damage-work insurance.

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