How to buy a house without money?

How to buy a house without money?

You want to become an owner.

You may even have found the house of your dreams.

Or you want to buy your apartment so that you no longer have to pay rent.

It’s a great project.

If the issue of personal contribution works for you and you will like to buy a house without money because your income is low and your savings almost nonexistent, you are in the right place !

Buying a house without money is possible !

Let’s see together the solutions to buy a house without personal contribution and without having funds to pay for it.

Help to buy a house

In this guide we will share 11 solutions to you to become an owner without input.

Each of these options has eligibility conditions. They can sometimes complement each other.

Learn more about solutions that seem appropriate to your personal situation.

Summary – 11 solutions

1. The zero rate loan (PTZ)

The 0% or interest-free loan does exist.

It is state aid that you can get from an approved bank to finance the purchase of a house or apartment.

As its amount is not very high, it can complement a conventional mortgage.

This zero-rate loan can perfectly constitute the personal contribution since it will cost you little but will reduce the total cost of your mortgage.

There are conditions to obtain this zero rate loan and its amount depends on the area where your future accommodation is located.

Here are the main conditions for a zero rate loan:

  1. Your taxable income for year N-2 must not exceed the ceiling set by law

  2. The accommodation purchased must be your main residence for the duration of the loan

  3. Not having owned your home in the last 2 years preceding the PTZ with exceptions to this rule: 1) For people with disabilities 2) Or in the case of natural disasters that destroyed your main residence.

If you meet all the conditions laid down by law, you can obtain a PTZ equal to 20% of the purchase price of the increased accommodation if it is located in a free or sensitive area.

The PTZ offers you a sum which can constitute your personal contribution and represents a significant sum.

For example, for accommodation that costs 100,000 euros, you could get 20,000 euros.

2. The Housing Action loan

The “Housing Action” loan is the loan that was previously called “1% housing”.

There are several conditions to be fulfilled to access the Housing Action loan, in particular:

  • The energy performance diagnosis of the accommodation must not be less than category D

  • The repayment term must be less than 20 years

It can be used as a supplement to your main loan or personal contribution.

You will therefore be able to obtain a mortgage without contribution.

Its amount is between € 7,000 and € 25,000 depending on the area where your future accommodation is located.

This type of loan can be granted to employees of private companies with more than 10 employees but provided that their company is a member of the Interprofessional Housing Committee (CIL).

Payment home action loan

The payment of the contribution is often made within 3 months after the acquisition of the accommodation.

3. The ELP and the CEL

The Housing Savings Plan (PEL) as well as the Housing Savings Account (CEL) are savings books allowing you to benefit from a reduced-rate mortgage loan.

This savings as well as the advantageous rate constitute an aid to buy your house.

The savings accumulated in these savings accounts may represent the personal contribution necessary to contract your mortgage.

4. The Referred Loan (PC)

If you have no money but want to buy your home, you can call on the agreed loan from banks that have signed an agreement with the state.

The bank that will give you the credit sets the borrowing rate.

This rate may be higher than those of conventional home loans, of course.

But this increase can be offset by the APL (Personalized Housing Aid) which will accompany your real estate project.

Be aware that the law sets ceiling rates that the bank cannot exceed.

This approved loan has three indisputable advantages:

  1. Your monthly income will not be looked at under the magnifying glass unlike traditional credit

  2. There is no resource ceiling that limits your access to this type of loan

  3. The duration of the loan can be long, up to 35 years, which will allow you to reduce the monthly payments

Notary fees are likely to be lower than in the case of a traditional mortgage with a bank, but they cannot be included in the requested credit.

To build a licensed loan file you can contact your usual bank if it is contracted with the state for this kind of loan.

You can also call on other banks and financial organizations.

Conditions ready agreed

To benefit from an approved loan, you must make this accommodation your main residence.

Be aware that the PC can fully cover the purchase of your home, and cannot be supplemented by a “traditional” mortgage.

However, you can complete it with:

  • A zero rate loan (PTZ)

  • State premiums

  • A loan with advantageous conditions fixed by law if you have a Savings Plan Housing and / or a Savings Account Housing

  • A Housing Action loan

  • Your possible savings

5. The Social Accession Loan (PAS)

If you want to own your main residence and your income is modest, you can call on a social assistance loan.

It is a credit for people who want to own their main residence.

The big difference from the loan granted is that the SAP is subject to income conditions.

It will therefore depend on:

  • Charges from your family

  • The location of your next home

The resources for year N-2 are taken into account.

To be able to benefit from a PAS you must request it from an approved bank.

The repayment duration of this type of loan can be between 5 and 25 years.

The borrowing rate is established by the bank within the limits set by law.

Social Accession Loan – Note

The SAP can cover your entire property purchase, but cannot complement a conventional mortgage with a bank.

However, you can benefit from additional aid to complete your SAP:

  • The Zero Rate Loan

  • The 1% Housing Action loan

  • The Savings Housing Account

We strongly advise you to call on additional aid as it will allow you to reduce the total cost of your SAP

6. CAF aid

If your income is modest, you can request a loan from your Family Allowance Fund to make your personal contribution.

CAF aid online

Be aware, however, that this type of aid is not present as such on the CAF website, you cannot do your procedures online.

We advise you to make an appointment with a social worker who will inform you and help you build your file.

If you meet the criteria, you will certainly be able to get help that will help you make a personal contribution to your home loan.

7. Participation or pay savings

If you have pay savings in your business, you can unlock it to use as a personal contribution for your real estate purchase.

This will allow you to have a personal contribution which in turn will allow you to better negotiate your mortgage and lower its total cost.

You can therefore become an owner without contribution as such since it will be the money from the salary savings that will act as a contribution.

Pay savings blocking

Be aware that even if your participation is blocked, the purchase of your principal residence may constitute sufficient reason for its release.

8. Personal loan

Personal lending is a consumer credit without proof of use, which has offered very attractive rates in recent times.

This is why you can use it to finance the personal contribution of your mortgage.

Financing your home

To find out more about the personal loan, click the button below:

9. The loan from a loved one

If you have a person in the family or those around you who can grant you a loan between individuals, this is a solution that will cost you much less than a credit with your bank.

Ready between relatives – Important

If this opportunity presents itself to you, do not let it pass but be careful to agree on the conditions.

10. The Pinel device

If you wish to become an owner without personal contribution and it is a real estate investment, you can call on the device set up by the Pinel law.

This device makes it possible to make a real estate investment without contribution if the purchased good does not serve as the main residence for the buyer, but is intended to be rented.

If you are targeting accommodation located in an area eligible for the Pinel device, you can :

  • Make a mortgage without contribution to acquire the property

  • Obtain a tax credit based on the duration of the rental that you plan for your property and the amount invested in the operation.

However, the system imposes conditions:

  • The tenant should not be part of your tax household

  • The tenant’s annual resources must be below the ceilings established by law

  • The rent you will be able to request is also capped by law depending on the area where the targeted accommodation is located

All these conditions may seem binding to you.

However, if you have a lot of income and pay a lot of taxes, the Pinel scheme can greatly lighten your tax sheet.

Indeed, since it allows you to make a real estate investment in new or old on attractive terms.

We advise you to inform yourself more in order to reap the full benefits of the Pinel Law if you wish to build up a real estate heritage.

11. Real estate credit without contribution

It is the most used solution in France by households that want to become an owner.

Even if obtaining a mortgage without contribution is more difficult, the banks grant it to those who have a healthy financial situation and a stable professional situation.

Tips to buy a house without a contribution

Here is a list of tips to finance your home without money:

  1. Anticipate and build your personal contribution little by little by saving on a daily basis

  2. Open a suitable savings book such as the PEL or the CEL in order to save regularly and benefit from an advantageous rate

  3. Take the time to build a concrete file. It is possible to buy a house without money provided that you have a stable and healthy financial and professional situation.


If you want to buy a house without money, you can do it:

  • By approved devices

  • Or by a classic mortgage

Also be aware that other aids exist and can be requested from regions or departments depending on the location of your next accommodation.

If you have no savings at present, we recommend the following guides:

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