How to calculate the value of a house?

How to calculate the value of a house?

What elements use real estate professionals to calculate the value of a house?

Basic elements form the basis of the value of a house. These include:

  • The living space: its measurement is one of the first things that the real estate agent contacted by the seller of the house will do. At the end of this measure, the professional will multiply this area by the price per square meter charged in the sector. He will thus obtain an estimated first price for the good of the seller;
  • The general state of the house: the real estate agent has a look to assess this state. It can be a home to refresh, renovate, or in good condition. Thus, a house to be completely renovated will see its value decrease by the presumed amount of work to be carried out (approximately 400 to 800 euros / square meter)
  • The presence of an exterior: again, it all depends on the surface of the exterior. A garden that is too small would not substantially increase the value of the house. A two-thirds report for the garden, one-third for the home is ideal. The arrangement of the garden can also be an asset for the house, or on the contrary, to lower it (a garden in length, or on a slope is a negative point which lowers the value of the house)
  • The location of the house: in addition to the district, the environment where the house is located is also taken into account in the calculation of its value. A house near which a medium-voltage pole is located will have a lower value compared to the same house without a post;
  • Staging elements: the presence of a converted wooden terrace, a buried swimming pool or a spacious garage with workshop are all elements that will add to the calculation of the value of a house.

What reference tools to calculate the value of a house ?

Once the characteristics of the house are determined, it is essential to be able to refer to a price grid for . Professionals and individuals can now access a government database (DVF), which lists by geographic sector all past transactions, their amount and their date. Thus, if your neighbor sold his 137 m2 house 6 months ago to La Barre de Monts en Vendée, you will know, by going to the site, the price of this transaction. By dividing the price displayed by the living area, you will get an average price per square meter. You can compare it with other goods sold in the sector and thus determine an average price which will be used for you in calculating the value of your own home.

Simpler and faster to determine the value of your home, go to the BienEstimer® by SAFTI online platform. Navigation is simple: it is enough to fulfill the characteristics of the house to sell such as:

  • Living area ;
  • Number of rooms ;
  • Number of water parts;
  • Garden surface;
  • General condition ;
  • Swimming pool ;
  • Garage, parking, etc.

A few clicks later, you get a free price range for your home.

Posted on: Friday November 19, 2021

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