Top 5 Ideas for Dressing and Decorating Your Walls?

Top 5 Ideas for Dressing and Decorating Your Walls?

You are looking for decorative ideas to dress a wall ? Discover this selection of 30 different tips.

Who says loft, generally says large walls, even immense walls ! And when the time comes to take care of the decor, it can quickly become a headache. Do not panic, I have found for you 30 deco mural ideas to decorate the walls of your loft, and of course it also works for a house and an apartment, no discrimination of type of habitat on Notre Loft !

# 1

Large white walls are beautiful ! But bringing color by dressing them in paint can give a completely different dimension.

The proof with these simulations carried out from photos of this loft resulting from the rehabilitation of a former carpentry.

To facilitate the choice of the right color in a decoration project and to be sure of not making a mistake, the manufacturer and distributor of painting Zolpan created the site Intensely Colors which is organized into four sections which take up the main stages of a painting project.

  • Take inspiration through hundreds of photos.
  • Choose your colors from the thousands of Zolpan shades
  • Simulate your choices by downloading photos from your interior in the simulator
  • Finally, to confirm the rendering in “real life”, the shop allows you to order samples of applied color, color nape trees or even selectors of aspects.

The simulator helps guide the choice of color for a paint, but it is then very important to test with a sample. The color that we see on the computer depending on the screen calibration so it is therefore not possible to get an absolute idea of a color via a computer screen. This is why Zolpan offers samples, numbers and finishing appearance selectors that can be ordered online on the Intensely Colors site.

You can buy paint online at Castorama.

# 2

Chance of fate, pixels, my first find was born a stone’s throw from my home since it is a creation of the Roubais brand Bleu Nature, specialist in the creation of furniture and decorative objects in float wood. The recipe is simple but terribly effective: collect float wood by hand on the beaches of France, cut it in section by about 5 cm and stick the mini-roundings on an OSB board of 75 cm by 115 cm. All that remains is to define the number of panels necessary to dress your wall with float wood ! Conquered ?

# 3

Easier to make yourself, here is a wall filled with parallels made of painting. You can paint them directly on your wall or why not on an MDF or OSB board. To your brushes !

# 4

Let’s continue with the painting but this time these are lines, very well known lines since the decorator of this loft made the choice to paint the famous lines of the English designer Paul Smith on a whole wall ! The photos of the loft are to be discovered or rediscovered here.

# 5

For lovers of New York, here is the ultimate solution to bring Times Square into your interior: a wall completely covered with a photo !

# 6

In a loft, the bricks recall the ancient history of the place before its transformation into a dwelling. It is sometimes necessary (unfortunately) to cover them for reasons of sound and / or acoustic insulation, but when they can be preserved, as in this loft, for decoration, whether painted or raw, the bricks are are sufficient for themselves. To discover other decorative ideas of brick walls it is here: 12 decorative ideas of brick walls.

# 7

Book lovers will enjoy this huge wall covered with an equally huge library in a loft in Rotterdam. Magnificent … Provided you have the book collection that goes with it !

# 8

To dress the large white wall above our sofa, we have chosen to play on the accumulation of paintings. The wall is filled frame after frame, as we go to heart during trips, clearance stores, visits to Emmaus and happy discoveries on the Web.

1. Poster of the “Grand circus of Bordeaux” dating from 1951 chined at the clearance sale in Lille in 2011.
. “Worrying solves nothing” is that one can read about this impression discovered at Lik + neon during a stay in London. You can find all my good London decor plans in this article..
3. A bird made up of geometric shapes from the very nice Guapito shop.
4. Indian bought in London from Lik + neon.
5. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York designed by a painter friend.
6. Colorful clouds and rain from Oelwein.
7. A sacred heart of Jesus bought framed at Emmaus.
8. Photo of an unknown bride chined (with the frame) on a clearance sale.
9. A couple of strangers found framed on

a clearance sale.
10. “YEAH! By LovelyPosters.
11. Giant ant of the AM.PM brand. by La Redoute.
12. The Virgin Mary discovered at Emmaüs.
13. Mountains colored by the illustrator Alexandre Cornet alias Douglace.
14. “Mother of Dragons” on LovelyPosters.
15. Crucifix created with Lego.
16. Poster of the German circus Sarrasani dating from 1957 chined at the same time as the first poster.
17. Old photo with the text “My name is Bryan” screened by an artist from the Lille metropolis bought during the Ucycling Market in Roubaix.
18. “Girl with the yellow skirt” by Nyssa Sharp.
19. Anatomical model of head of the German brand Somso chined at the clearance sale in Lille.
0. AM.PM arm application. by La Redoute.
1. Displays “Factory” by Jez Burrows.
2. Displays by LovelyPosters.
3. Displays from the exhibit “Why a crow looks like an office ? By Lille Design at the Kortrijk Interior Biennale in 2012.
4 & 25. New York by a painter friend.
6. Wire basket of the Ferm Living brand.
7. Carpet discovered during a Les Petits bohèmes sale.

To find other photos of our loft (for us), follow me to Instagram.

# 9

You want to fill your frame wall too ? But you find it difficult to decide on the drawings, posters, photos and posters to frame ? Don’t take your head, hang empty frames !

# 10

Of all sizes and styles, wall stickers adapt to all walls. Many models are discovered on Made in design.

# 11

If you have the talents of artists, dare and embark on the realization of a fresco ! This is what Xavier Mille did in this loft on a wall 4.2 meters high and 5 meters wide.

# 12

And Xavier was not on his first try, the proof with this other New York spirit painting in a loft in Roubaix.

# 13

In the same loft, Xavier decorated the kitchen wall with old doors of electric cupboards recovered from a factory. To find out more about this loft, go to the My loft story blog.

# 14

If you like this “control panel” spirit, you can crack right now on this composition to be found at So Broc Indus.

# 15

Former school card representing Europe and the Soviet Union. You can find this wall decor at So Broc Indus.

# 16

This large rusty mirror 150 cm high and 100 cm wide recalls a factory window. It is the ideal room to give an industrial decor spirit to a wall.

# 17

Bring the Eiffel Tower into your loft with this sticker.

# 18

A white wall dressed in a series of round rattan mirrors to bring a vintage touch.

# 19

If your walls are white (this is our case) and you have children (this is also our case) then your walls and nerves are at great risk … Difficult to channel the creativity of our dear toddlers in the face of these blank canvases ! So to spend Wednesdays and weekends calmly, create an area with slate painting, as in the photo below at Design Sponge. You can buy slate paint at Castorama.

# 20

In her toilet, the decor coach Anne-Sophie Baryga created a wall of Polaroids. If you are looking for a Polaroid camera, know that in addition to dealing with good decorative ideas, Anne-Sophie also sells cameras on her site Les HappyVintage !

# 21

A great classic of decorating walls that I almost forgot: wallpaper ! Like here in one of our daughters’ room with Half Moon wallpaper from Ferm Living. To be found at Made In Design.
The phase map of the moon on the right comes from the So Broc Indus shop.

# 22

I fall for the blue triangles of the Square Skive wallpaper of the Gross Domestic Product brand.

# 23

On the Gross Domestic Product site, I also spotted this large industrial mirror which would be perfect for decorating a loft. To be found on

# 24

Here is a wall dressed in a custom-made library from Cubit boxes. Ideal for sublimating your books and decorative objects. The library below consists only of white boxes but Cubit exists in 18 different colors !

Same modular but colorful shelf system to give birth to a TV furniture with original design.

# 25

One of the wonderful photos offered by the YellowKorner store.

# 26

Architect Camille Hermand renovated an 85 m² Hussmannian apartment with the objective of modernizing it while retaining its soul. To bring the modern key to the apartment, a Minakani Lab wallpaper made up of colored triangles dresses a wall in the main room, and a workshop spirit window opens the kitchen on the corridor.

# 27

Opened in early 2014 by Sydell Group in the Korean district of Los Angeles, The Line Los Angeles quickly made a place for itself among the city’s most connected hotel stores. Established in a concrete building built in 1964 for the Hyatt hotel chain, the 388 rooms renovated with chisels offer a brutalistic decor where concrete is king.

# 28

To multiply the paintings on the walls, you can choose the frame shelf, this small tablet allows you to put pictures while underlining them subtly.

# 29

Dressed in raw pine, the ID Lab of Atelier Tarkett invites to experiment and personalize the soils. This space allows you to work on associations of shapes, and colors, but also to test laying techniques. The digital workshop also creates and prints its own notebooks.

# 30

The wall cover is astute decorative accessory which allows a wall to be vegetalism easily.

# 31

In this room with an original wooden bed head, we discover jungle wallpaper which gives a unique atmosphere to the room. Enough to wake up in a good mood every morning !

And you, how did you / will you decorate your walls ?

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