What is the best house plan site?

What is the best house plan site?

You have decided to build your house. But you do not find your happiness among the plans found on the catalog ? And your budget does not allow you to call on an architect ? Using house plan software will allow you to become your own architect and design a house that looks like you. How to choose the one that corresponds to you ? In this article, we guide you to find the best free and easy-to-use software.


What software to draw plans for his house ?

We have reviewed the various software currently offered. Whether you are a computer novice or advanced, you will certainly find your happiness.

Some software, easy to take in hand, allows you to create plans simply and quickly in 2D. You don’t need any particular knowledge of architecture, the software guides you. You can trace walls and partitions, position doors, windows, furniture.

With others, you will be able to refine your layout project and get 3D house plans. In a short time, you get a much more telling view of your home.

Cedar Architect

A crush on writing, Cedar Architect software seems to put all the assets on its side. Free 2D and 3D home plan software, it is very complete. You can get realistic and high definition visuals. In fact, a good number of professionals also use it in its paid version.

Accessible only online, you will not have to download it. This will allow you to access it from any computer. You just need to create a free account to save your plans.

Many tutorials help you take charge of the software. In a few minutes, you have drawn the first walls of your future house in a 2D plan. Tabs then allow you to draw your plans in stages, then insert walls, partitions, windows, etc. Everything is easy to draw. Standard elements are proposed and you just have to choose which ones suit you.

Once the overall plan has been defined, a tab directs you to interior design. A wide range of furniture, floor coverings, walls and colors is accessible. For each piece, Cedar Architect also offers a series of decorative objects. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can move or modify the elements provided.

This house plan software finally offers you the possibility of creating high definition visuals.

Some paid options are also available. The free version indeed limits you to the realization of 3 different plans and 3 HD visuals

Cedar Architect in summary

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Rendu HD
  • Rates and options: for individuals, a € 49 option creates 5 different projects and 20 visuals.
  • Access link: https://cedar-architect.fr


Kozikaza is a fairly easy house plan software to take charge. Fully online, you have nothing to download to your computer. It offers the possibility of creating a 2D plan at first. Then go to 3D to arrange the interior. A third step creates your decoration.

At each stage, everything is done to simplify your life. You can use a predefined shape to start drawing your plan. Or choose to import a model that you have drawn by hand beforehand. You can also start your zero project and create the shape you imagine. Very practical, the surfaces of the parts are automatically indicated, as well as all the dimensions of your plan.

Once the house plan has been defined, you go to 3D to put the furniture down, then decorate the rooms. Kozikaza offers a fairly comfortable library of furniture and design objects. At any time, it is possible to return to the 2D plan to modify it. Small plus, this software for free house plan also allows you to view the attic.

You will also find many features to arrange the garden or visualize your home from an outside perspective.

Note :

Remember to create an account before starting your project to save your ideas. It will also allow you to exchange advice with other members of the community.

Kozikaza in summary

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Made fairly realistic
  • Prices and options: completely free
  • Access link: https://www.kozikaza.com

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D allows you to work both in 2D and in 3D. It is one of the few house plan software to leave you the choice between downloading it or working online. Simply put, it is a pleasant and fast-moving software to take in hand. One tab per type of part or category of element saves time. Once positioned on the plan, the elements can be modified or moved very easily. The interface also allows you to view your 2D and 3D plan at the same time. A number of objects and textures are then made available to arrange your interior. You will also be able to create the outside of your home.

Sweet Home 3D will allow you to visualize your 3D project from different angles, in an indoor or aerial view. In addition, he offers a virtual visit, rarely accessible free of charge elsewhere.

Note :

The paid version of Sweet Home 3D enriches the catalog of objects made available. Buying the full version is one way to support the developer of this software.

Sweet Home 3D in summary

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Made fairly realistic
  • Rates and options: Paid version with identical functionality, but an augmented library of objects. Its price: € 14.99. Link: https://ow.ly/f0MG30hI6RX

Home By Me

Home By Me promises us free and easy-to-use house plan software. And tells us that we will like to design our house. We confirm that this is not false advertising. The creation of walls, rooms and exterior is done in a few clicks. For even more speed, the software offers preconceived forms for each part. You will just have to put them next to each other to create your house. To refine your project, the “Products” tab then allows you to furnish and decorate your home. And also proposes to position technical elements such as sockets, switches or radiators.

Strong point of Home By Me software: a very well-packed catalog. You will be able to choose real objects and elements, offered by known brands and which you can buy in stores. At the meeting, the Technical or Profiles Systems carpentry for example, as well as the furniture stores Paragraph, Habitat or Made. Once the house of your dreams is modeled and fitted out, you can make a screen capture of your plan to save or print it. An online community also allows you to share your projects and take inspiration from those of others.

With free registration, you benefit from 3 3D plans and 3 realistic images. The site also proposes to create your project from your plan for € 14.99. And interior architects can also take care of your decoration for € 89.

Home By Me in summary

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Virtual visit
  • Rendu HD
  • Rates and options: Pack “2 additional projects”: € 4.99 / Pack “2 realistic images”: € 9.99 / Pack “2 360 ° images”: € 19.99. You will find even more packs on the site.
  • Access link: https://home.by.me/fr


SketchUp is software allowing to carry out its house plan for free. But it is above all 3D modeling software. As indicated on their site, it is “user-friendly and flexible”. Many video tutorials available online will allow you to take your first steps on the software or enrich your experience.

This software is very easy to take in hand. Its interface is simple and efficient. Both on 2D and on 3D. But its operation is a little different from what we are used to for a house plan software. You have to choose the thickness of your walls, draw lines and shapes. Then stretch and push their surfaces to transform them into 3D shapes. The possibilities then fly away endlessly. However, you will need to know some architectural bases if you want to successfully complete your project.

One of the great advantages of SketchUp is its database. The “3D Warehouse”, accessible on the internet (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com), brings together the largest library in the world of free 3D models.

The free version of this software is very complete and includes many functionalities. Beyond the creation of walls and rooms, you will discover a whole panel of different styles for your 3D renderings

Note :

The professional version will allow you to get some improvements. This will allow you to choose scales, adapt line thicknesses, add legends, export documents to other formats, etc. Many architects use this software to easily and quickly create a few sketches of their projects.

SketchUp in summary

  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Virtual visit
  • Made fairly realistic or HD with options
  • Prices and options: SkechUp Pro is accessible from € 526. Different plugins can be grafted for a more realistic rendering. V-ray in particular is very interesting for adding lights and texture effects.
  • Access link: https://www.sketchup.com/fr


With Archifacile, you work only on plans. It’s very light software, with a simple and pleasant interface. If you have a good idea of what space gives from a plan, you will be conquered by the speed of handling of this software. The interface splits into three main parts: “Build”, “Love” and “Tools”. The first brings together walls, windows, interior partitions and stairs. The surfaces are calculated automatically.

A fairly large library of symbols is offered to you. They allow you to find your way around in your plans. And are very easily modifiable, in order to adapt to your needs. Archifacile also allows the creation of electrical plans and offers you the possibility of drawing certain objects yourself. Roof and outdoor development plans are also proposed. Very useful for filing your building permit. We finally appreciated the access to the summary of all the joinery of the plan with their quantities and dimensions.

Note :

Creating an account is not mandatory, but will allow you to access certain additional features, such as adding text or listing.

Two paid versions are available. They allow access to new features such as creating HD images or exporting your pdf plans. A little more, fans of keyboard shortcuts will be happy: a good number of tools have them.

ArchiFacile in summary

  • 2D plans only
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Rendered: plan
  • Prices and options: ArchiFacile Plus is € 29 and ArchiFacile Pro from € 49.
  • Access link: https://www.archifacile.fr

The plan software of the house builders

You don’t want to create your plans yourself, for lack of time, envy or inspiration ? Other solutions can be considered. Indeed, some manufacturers offer plan configurators. The principle is simple: you choose a plan from their online catalog and access a module allowing you to view it in 3D. Furniture is also often integrated, for a better understanding of space.

Below is a selection of the main 3D plan configurators

Let’s Babeau Seguin

Maisons Babeau Seguin is one of the manufacturers offering this type of 3D configurator. Very easy to handle, you can view different configurations in a few clicks.

The modular elements are the roof, the coating color and the extensions. Thus, you can for example discover your house with an L-extension, with or without basement or garage, etc. And this from all angles.

The site announces an upcoming improvement of the tool with new colors and options.

Maisons Babeau Seguin in summary

  • Catalog plan
  • Outdoor development only
  • Rendered: 3D


The Cazango site offers a large panel of catalog plans. You can choose from 650 models. Cubic house with terrace roof, amenable roofs, one-story house, in L, you are spoiled for choice. Once your model has been selected, you can opt for different versions, add a room, a garage, etc.

The site gives you an idea of the budget according to the chosen home model. It will also put you in touch with 3 different manufacturers. This will allow you to effectively compare quotes from different manufacturers.

Cazango in summary

  • Catalog plan with different versions
  • Interior layout
  • Rendered: 3D
  • Forecast by 3 different manufacturers

Maisons Ideoz – Space designer 3D

Maisons Ideoz offers you two different options. You can choose from 43 houses and modulate the rooms, according to your needs and desires. You will then get a 2D plan and a 3D plan, as well as realistic views of each room.

The site accompanies you from A to Z. It gives you the surfaces of the rooms and allows you to choose the equipment, floor coverings, walls, etc. You will be able to obtain a precise estimate according to the chosen elements.

Free online house plan software is also available to you: 3deoz – space designer 3D. It allows you to fully design the house of your dreams or modify a plan chosen from the catalog.

Maisons Ideoz – Space designer 3D in summary

  • Plan on catalog modifiable or to be created on free software online
  • Interior fittings without furniture
  • Rendered: 3D
  • Access link: https://www.maisons-ideoz.com/maisons

Home builder.net

The Unitsmannedeme.net site offers to draw your home yourself on free software and online. In the same way as on the Kozikaza site, you will draw your 2D plan first. You can then furnish and decorate it.

From these totally flexible plans, the site will itself be responsible for requesting quotes from three different manufacturers.

Home builder.net in summary

  • Plan to be created on “Kozikaza” type software
  • Interior and exterior development
  • Rendered: 3D
  • Forecast by 3 different manufacturers

iMaison, by Configurator-maisons.fr

Configurator-houses.fr is defined as “the first HD house and land configurator”. After choosing a model from more than 143 proposals, you can configure it according to your preferences.

The site focuses on the outside of your home. You can change the color of the coating, the cladding or the tiles, add a terrace or a pergola, etc. It then allows you to view the house in HD and even save your modifications.

Quality management, Configurator-houses.fr works with the following manufacturers: Maisons France Confort, Maisons France Littoral, Maisons Balency. The latter will offer you a quote in accordance with the chosen configuration and will accompany you in your project.

iMaison, by Configurator-maisons.fr in summary

  • Catalog plan
  • Outdoor development only
  • Rendered: 3D
  • Forecast by one of the 3 manufacturers: Maisons France Confort, Maisons France Littoral, Maisons Balency

There are enough online software to draw a house plan. Each with their own characteristics. It is important to target your needs before you get started in order to save time. If you want a complete project, with interior design and realistic views, Home By Me and Cedar Architect are to be preferred. Only downside, it remains difficult to design an out-of-the-ordinary project with this software (house on stilts or terraces). SketchUp, a little more complex software and longer to take in hand, could then be the best solution.

If all this seems too complicated to you, you can choose to get closer to a manufacturer. Some offer the possibility of using an online plan configurator. According to the manufacturers, a more or less wide choice will be offered to you.

Finally, if you want to entrust this whole part to a professional, it is also possible. You will find many manufacturers of individual houses on our site. They will be able to support you in your approach and will offer you tailor-made plans.

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