What software to draw a staircase?

What software to draw a staircase?


Here, following my puzzle (Help: D) I am looking for staircase creation software
to try to model my options (anything that can actually help me be sure I don’t crash).

I am a novice (although I am starting to learn so much I read on the subject) and I would like to do the rigorous calculations and see the result in section etc. and
possibly in 3D …

I tried StairDesigner on a PC (ah yes I am on MAC) but you have to get used to the software.

Otherwise I was told about Google Sketchup which seems quite a bit (downloaded but not yet tested) and has a large base of images.

Finally for information I used for my whole home Sweethome 3D, excellent FREE software and simple
for PC and Mac (for “basic” use):

Thank you for your opinions.


Apart from Stairdesigner, free in demo version, I know nothing else that integrates all the stair construction data automatically.

Then, if you can draw, the choice is vast, passing through the classic coach…

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“Hard and traced WOOD STAGE” to EYROLLES editions is stuffed with information and tracing methods that are relatively simple to apply. Cheap it can be a good tool to start. Cdlt Hervé

Thanks for the info.

As for the book, I will not have time to read it, I must decide very quickly (within 1 or 2 weeks max). I found a very good site that gives
advice here: Staircase calculations

Otherwise I will test StairDesigner, because I don’t have time to start from scratch…

I work with a dao autocad (it’s been my job for 20 years) or I tested archi software where this kind of calculation is integrated but to get started it’s cotton so it takes time ( I try architectural on the autocad base it’s really great but which gas factory but you trace or you want your cut and it draws it all by itself
otherwise you simply draw on a sheet of paper it is the simplest and the quickest is enough to calculate your lap after all rolls and you can kutcher your odds that interest you

I do a lot of stairs, and after doing everything in my hand, I gave up: skitchup, coach and sema … TOO complicated and above all too generalist. You have to learn all the software to draw just a staircase … Stair designer is very very good, very simple, and functional. the catch: it’s not free, and it’s “limited” on the stairs, and nothing else .. but that’s what I was looking for …

A 100×75 drawing sheet, 2 rules, a square and 3h: that’s what to draw your staircase;)

I admit that the paper method is not bad either ! 😉
You have to know how to draw a staircase on the other hand because when you are not
profession we risk forgetting elements, which is perhaps my case (see
my topic higher ?)

Thank you anyway for this info.


in my humble opinion, when you are not in the business, it is much better to draw it by hand with the help of a good book (there is a plethora on the subject). it will not take longer than learning and building a staircase on software (dedicated or not) and it will allow much better visualization and understanding of each element of the staircase.

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