Which professional to choose to build his house?

Which professional to choose to build his house?

The choice of professional can, in fact, prove to be very complicated: between delays in time, incomplete or non-compliance with the work, or even the bankruptcy of the professional who intervenes in the context of your work, your real estate project can quickly turn into a nightmare.

It is therefore necessary to call on an experienced and competent professional, who will be able to accompany you throughout your work.

So by whom and how to build your house ? What are the right avenues for choosing the best professional ? Which contract best protects you when building your Pretto house tells you everything !

Many actors can call on to accompany you in your real estate project. But how do you know which one to choose and on which criteria to base yourself to make the right choice ?

Pretto takes stock with you !

The first solution to build your detached home is to contact a builder, who will take care of “doing everything”.

The manufacturer is in fact responsible for managing the entire service, from the purchase of the land until the final delivery of the keys.

He can thus suggest an architect to you and choose with you the different construction materials, while taking care to reconcile your objectives and your financial means.

He also takes charge of the various administrative tasks.

Finally, it is he who plays the role of coordinator of the site, who ensures that the quality of the house and the duration of the site are respected. Broadly speaking, he ensures the smooth running of the work.

You are thus bound by an Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI), a contract clearly framed by law which allows you to benefit from solid guarantees.

The manufacturer is therefore the best choice for anyone who wishes to have the best legal protection during the construction of their house.

If you want to get as close as possible to your desires, you can also call directly on the architect of your choice, although this solution is often more expensive.

Unlike the manufacturer, the architect can intervene either on the realization of the plan only, or on the complete management of the project management.

He then takes care of the procedures for obtaining the building permit, administrative authorizations, quotes from contractors, invoices to be paid and management of the works.

Calling on an architect thus allows you to see your tailor-made project born while avoiding the majority of administrative procedures.

If you decide to entrust your architect with the overall realization of your house, you are then bound to him by a contract for the rental of works.

This contract, compulsory but not regulated, specifies the details of the mission, the plans and quotes for the various services, the amount of the TTC fees, the terms of payment or the back-planing of the works.

This solution is ideal for those whose budget is quite substantial.

Please note, however, that the architect retains moral ownership of the house he realizes and that he can completely oppose future work if he considers that it could alter the integrity of his work.

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Finally, you can opt for a project manager (you are then the client), who will take care of “doing everything” for you.

The prime contractor is a professional responsible for supervising the site for you, verifying that the deadlines are met or even taking out the necessary insurance.

The operation is very close to that of the architect, with the difference that the architect favors above all aesthetics while the project manager focuses more on the technical aspect.

In the same way as the architect, the project manager can take care of either the plans only, or manage the entire project. As far as the contract is concerned, it is still compulsory but not regulated.

On what criteria to base yourself to choose the right professional for the construction of his house ?

You will understand, professionals in building construction, this is not what is missing. But there are many elements that can make a difference because, let’s not forget, it is a question of the very success of your real estate project.

Indeed, the worst thing that could happen to you for the construction of your house would be to come across the wrong professional.

It is for this reason that you must take care to choose it well, in particular by ensuring your seriousness and professionalism.

How to ensure your seriousness and / or professionalism ?

  • First, you have to check his references and testimonies: if they inspire confidence and show the satisfaction of the different customers with whom he has already dealt, you may possibly consider that this could be a good choice for you.

It is however possible to come across a professional who has just started his activity. If you still want to go through such a professional, make sure that he is reliable, that he has the right to practice as a professional, that his company is recognized, etc.

  • Are the company and / or professional in question well recognized legally ?

You must ensure that the professional you are going to choose has the right to exercise and that he enjoys a recognized status (either as a manufacturer or architect, for example), as well as his company if there is takes place.

  • You can also take care of the types of guarantees he has taken out to find out what type of cover you will be able to benefit from in the event of a claim before and after the delivery of your home.

  • Compare the offers: it is not enough to jump on the first occasion that you have, as attractive as the offer may be.

On the contrary, when the offer is far too advantageous, there is reason to suspect.

For more security, compare several offers. It will also allow you to have different quotes but also to compete. In addition, depending on your needs, you can refine your research and see which offer fits you best.

  • Before embarking on the work, it is essential to choose the professional well for the construction of your house and to ensure your seriousness and professionalism.

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